Cassandra Galbier

Cassandra Galbier is a Passionate Mother, Licensed Massage Therapist, Body Memory Recall Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master.
reedit-4698 (1)Cassandra’s insight into the body’s ability to self-heal began when she was 18. Cassandra was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, and throughout all the medical testing and diagnosis, she found that when she placed her hands on her stomach, the pain would go away. For years Cassandra kept this knowledge to herself, as she didn’t really know what was happening or how it was possible that she was able to lay hands on an area and ease the pain. Almost eight years later she was introduced to Reiki, a technique of energy healing, and her life completely changed course. Finally, Cassandra had found the healing community that helped connect the dots for all the questions she had.

Cassandra is a graduate of the 675-hour Massage Program at Asheville School of Massage and Yoga (2012) and the 200 Hour YTT with Yogacara Global Teacher Training (2014). She became certified in Body Memory Recall (2012) with Jonathan Tripodi, and continued her bodywork studies in Cranial Sacral (2014), Thai Massage (2016), and studied Lomi Lomi in Hawaii with Kevin Kishida in 2018. She has worked in North Carolina, Costa Rica, Pennsylvania, and California. She is the visionary and former owner of A New Day: Massage & Yoga Studio, LLC in Warren, PA. Cassandra now works with her partner and Transformational Life Coach Leo Castrence at Actualize(d) Affinity offering packages, workshops, and retreats which guide individuals and parents towards tools of self-care, inner awareness, and living an authentic, abundant life. Cassandra balances life between St. Louis, MO with her son and partner, and traveling the world being inspired and inspiring others to live a passionate life walking one’s unique path.

Cassandra uses her trained hands and intuition to guide her to help each client with their specific needs. Combining Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral, Body Memory Recall, Thai, and Lomi Lomi she is able to find the perfect balance of what will help you walk away feeling ReConnected and ReNewed. If you have any physical or emotional symptoms, and would like help supporting your body to unwind and work towards a more Vibrant Alignment, please contact her at 814-688-7913.

Cassandra’s bodywork is a great addition to your lifestyle if you are looking to improve the overall quality of your life. Cassandra is currently in St. Louis, MO.

**Cassandra is currently licensed in Massage in California and Missouri.**


Cassandra and Leo facilitate women’s, men’s, and parenting circles across the globe.  Current in person Circles and Roundtables are being offered in St. Louis. 
Virtual Parenthood Programs now available to help transform the paradigm of modern parenting. Click here for info on the 21 Day Mama Refresh Virtual Program

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